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I really appreciate the quick and timely response. THANK YOU!

- Barrie Vorobiev

There was no question or confusion in the message I received from Elaine. I knew exactly what information she needed to complete my request.

- Teddy Smith

Joe is helpful and pleasant to work with.

- Mary Medley-Fields

Thanks for getting the job done so quickly!!

- Lisa Richardson

Super fast and friendly response regarding my voicemail. Issue Resolved almost immediately! Thank you Pam :)

- Lori Harris

Thank you, Linda! You were very helpful. I have my voicemail back up and running again. I appreciate your help. Have a wonderful day! Vicky

- Vicky Dawson

Quick & Efficient.

- Linda Brzezinski

Lola has been extremely helpful in realigning the telephones in one of our graduate clinics. Her attention to detail, pertinent suggestions, knowledge of the product, etc., etc., etc!! She was an absolute pleasure to work with!!

- Deb Keedy

Thank you Pamela for making this such an easy request. Have a great day

- Stephanie Collins

You did excellent. Thank you

- Jamie Smith

Extremely quick updated information, wow!!! (plus I love the dog). I always tell people, you want my vote, add a dog into the mix somewhere. :)

- Denise Gakle

Linda is always very helpful and pleasant to work with. Thanks for the help!

- Kirk Lawrence

Linda went above and beyond to get a circuit ID issued for an emergency exception request at MACC data center. I think she was the only TA in the office this afternoon (not sure if Pam had left or not) but she went right ahead and took care of everything and stayed well past 4 to get it done. THANK YOU!!

- mclancy

Thanks a bunch, Joe! That was easier than I ever imagined!! Sharon

- Sharon Kuhn

She was very timely on her response

- joyce krachie

you are the best!

- Jerry

Linda help me resolved an issue very quick and she is really friendly.

- Wanlada

provided me with what i needed

- anthony valdez

Very helpful for the problem I called about (full mailbox). Pam gave me immediate guidance, set up a temp password for me and when I asked for a solution to prevent this in the future she had that answer too. Since I retrieve my voice mail from e-mail I never log into voice mail. Pam sent me directions to create a rule...I am all set and very happy with the service.

- Carolynn Blankenship